Keyboard Transport Technologies, LLC

Thank you for your interest in Keyboard Transport Technologies, LLC. We are dedicated to offering piano moving equipment to the Professional Piano Movers and Technicians community, providing simple, easy to use solutions to increase the safety and efficiency of your operations.

Our flagship product is the KTT Smart Move Grand Mover. Utilizing a powerful self-contained hydraulic system, the KTT Smart Mover Grand Mover will revolutionize the way you think of piano moving. The mechanism is constructed of TIG welded high strength steel components, making the machine incredibly strong and powerful, yet lightweight.

All KTT Smart Mover products are built for and intended to be used by piano movers and industry professionals. No amount of technology can replace the experience and expertise required to move pianos safely. However, nothing can provide more safety or peace of mind than using the proven technology of KTT Smart Move products.